Ace Roofing and Building Ltd

About this Business

We are a full service roofing contractor offering installation and repair on all types of roofs. We specialize in residential and commercial projects. Our founder, Steve Reel, began his roofing career as a sub-contract roofing installer in 1991 for the largest roofing contractor in Columbus, Ohio. It was there that he learned how to conduct thorough inspections and develop high standards for workmanship.

Customer Testimonials

The guys from Ace Ace Roofing and Building Ltd were great to work with. They were fast, friendly and fair. They also left the place cleaner than they found it (no random roofing pieces or nails around). I will definitely call them again when I need a new roof. Thanks guys! – Kathie Nichols

The top of your house is the principal guarded aterial against numerous components. The quality,Roofing-Advantages and disadvantages of Various Roofing Materials Articles shape and state of your home’s rooftop can straightforwardly impact on the worth of your home and appearance. Presently there are numerous decisions accessible in the market going from conventional wood to eco amicable elastic. It is constantly prescribed you to pick the rooftop which suits best to your home area, style, design and environment. There are different roofing materials accessible which have geniuses as well as cons. The black-top shingles rooftops are exceptionally famous. The principal professionals of this roofing material are that it is prudent and you can fix it without any problem. The other benefit is that this kind of roofing material is accessible in various sorts of shapes, varieties, and sizes. The black-top shingles rooftops has likewise a few cons. This kind of roofing material isn’t appropriate in hotter environments. This kind of roofing material has less lifetimes than other roofing materials.

Metal material is turning out to be exceptionally famous. Metal material is option in contrast to customary roofing materials. The principal professionals of metal material are without support and light weighted. Metal material can likewise make due in high breezes. The metal rooftops are flame resistant. The metal rooftops can introduce over the old shingles. Metal material has additionally a few cons. The primary cons of metal material are sheer establishment cost. The clamor of downpour can be multiplied with a metal rooftop. Metal rooftops are undependable for the standing or walk. The metal rooftops can cause dangerous when wet. The record material is wonderful yet significant expense material. The fundamental experts of record rooftop are that it can keep going for a very long time and record rooftops are more heat proof. This sort of roofing material is harmless to the ecosystem roofing material. The cons of record material are that it is pricey. The loads of record rooftops are excessively. The heaviness of record rooftops are around 800 and 1500 pounds for each square. Scarcely any project workers know appropriately to introduce record rooftops. Wood shake material looks lovely at your home. The primary professionals of this sort of roofing material are that it is wind safe and furthermore hail safe. Many individuals lean toward this kind of roofing materials for their very good quality look.