Expansion Joint Rubber Manufacturers

Expanding joint rubber is manufactured by wrapping reinforced rubber, steel wires, and metal rings into a tube. It is then covered with a nylon peel ply and pressure-welded together. These joints are manufactured in Asia and eastern Europe. In eastern Europe, the expansion joint rubber is manufactured using a manual wrapping method.


The Flexicraft expansion joint rubber is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Its fully molded design makes it flexible and can accommodate almost any size piping system. The product also allows for movements in low-pressure gas services and has a range of temperature ratings. In addition to standard sizes, Flexicraft also offers PTFE and Viton versions.


Unisource expansion joint rubber combines high-quality, long-lasting EPDM rubber with nylon tire cord reinforcing for a reliable and durable connection. In addition, EPDM offers superior physical and temperature resistance than Neoprene. A galvanized steel floating flange engages the rubber beaded end of the expansion joint and rotates easily to reduce installation time. These expandable joints are especially useful for isolating small diameter piping from vibration-producing mechanical equipment.


RADCOFLEX is a manufacturer of expansion joint rubber. These products are manufactured using a seamless inner tube made of various elastomers and a durable outer cover. These rubber products are compatible with almost any type of fitting. In addition to the rubber, they can be reinforced with a fabric or wire insert. Founded in 1957, RADCOFLEX is an Australian company.


Unisource Series 303 expansion joint rubber is a combination of high-quality EPDM rubber and reinforcing nylon tire cord. Its physical properties and temperature resistance are superior to Neoprene. Its galvanized steel floating flanges engage with the rubber beaded end of the expansion joint, allowing for easy and fast installation. This expansion joint rubber type of expansion joint is ideal for isolating small diameter piping from vibrating mechanical equipment.

Style HA

For a variety of piping and hydraulic applications, Style HA expansion joint rubber can be an effective solution. Its flexible design provides axial compression, lateral deflection, and angular movement. It is also easy to install. For more information, contact Proco. They offer a brochure and can help you select the right product for your application.