Labor Only Movers

If you have been able to do most of the packing for your move, and just need help getting everything in and out of the moving truck, labor only movers may be the right option. They are basically professional movers without the truck, and they will arrive at a pre-agreed day and time to load your household items into the moving vehicle.

They are typically cheaper than full service movers, and will charge you by the hour. They can also be more flexible, meaning you won’t be tied down to a set move date, and they can even help out with other tasks like junk removal or donation pickups.

Moving can be very stressful and physically demanding, and hiring a labor only moving company can be a huge relief. They can help you get the heavy household items and large moving boxes into the moving truck without putting too much strain on you or your belongings. And they can save you a lot of stress, money and time in the process.

In order to hire a labor only mover, you will need to provide your own moving vehicle and standard moving supplies such as tape, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, furniture pads and dollies. Some labor only movers will supply these tools and equipment, but it is best to ask ahead of time.

You will also need to have access to a standard truck to transport your belongings. If you have a friend with a truck who would be willing to let you borrow it, this may be the best option for you. Alternatively, you can also rent one from a moving company.

Make sure your moving vehicle is equipped with a ramp for loading, tie-downs and rope to secure the items in the truck, and the ability to drive on a highway (if going long distance). Your labor only mover will need to be told where to place your items once they are loaded into the truck. They may need to be given specific instructions for each room, or item in your home.

You can find a labor only mover through various online marketplaces, such as Moving Help by U-Haul. These websites allow you to view reviews and rates for movers in your area, and sort movers by price and ratings. You can also see a photo of each mover, which can be helpful for choosing the right person to do your move.

A popular labor-only moving company is Hire A Helper, which has locations nationwide and provides hourly labor services for local and long-distance moves. They can help with packing, cleaning, donation and junk removal services, as well as moving and storage assistance. They are licensed and insured, and provide all necessary tools and equipment to help with your move. They can even assist with disassembly and installation of appliances and furniture. You can see their rates and schedules here.